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I started GONE Veg Creative Agency because I have been helping conscience-driven companies succeed doing online marketing for vegan ‘natural foods’ companies since 2009.
Our team’s passion for creating content that helps businesses reach and engage their target audience, ultimately leading to conversions…is met with true satisfaction – when we make it happen for an up-and coming vegan company.
My history with veg life and animal rights goes back to 1989 when I first went vegan. We had a Follow Your Heart grocery in my town during those years as well, and it was like a whole other world had opened up. Vegan pie crusts, Rice Dream milk, almond milk, tofu and vegan cheeze…back then the list of products was short, but the revolution was just beginning.
Sales of cheese alternatives up 31.4% since 2015*, meat alternatives up 15.9%…and a total over 5 billion in plant-based product sales in 2016, so it’s clear the revolution only continues to grow.
What is the ultimate goal for your #veganbiz in 2018? Our agency can help you get real results with your social media channels, funnels, subscribers and Facebook ads. Contact us for a free strategy call.